As a Senior Reporter for Zoos Victoria (based at Werribee Open Range Zoo), Miranda led the publicity across all mediums for conservation stories and campaigns, zoo events and experiences, and general zoo news. She was part of a team that increased the earned publicity for Zoos Victoria by 55% in one year.

She co-ordinated live TV crosses for stories and weather; had her photos and footage published in newspapers, on TV and online nationally; planned and hosted media events; networked with bloggers and influencers; organised radio and podcast interviews and much more.

Three stories she’s particularly proud of were the Orange-bellied Parrot assisted migration, the world-first birth of captive Plains Wanderer chicks and the story of the koala joey whose mother was killed at a logging plantation.

All three of these stories gained global coverage on media outlets such as ABC World News, Fox News, BBC World News, Press Association London, The Guardian UK, The New York Post, Gizmo, Geek, Unliad, Lad Bible UK, Mashable, 9GAG, MSN, Yahoo, and many more, including local coverage on Sunrise and 7:30 Report and in The Sunday Age.

Miranda also does publicity for some of her copywriting clients, including Trust for Nature. You can see this work in the copywriting section of her website.