Sadie Starr is obsessed with starting over. A new year, a new diet, a new social media identity. Anything that gives her a chance to be a better version of herself.

So when her dad’s job moves the family interstate, Sadie’s excited for a fresh start. It’s also the perfect excuse to leave behind the mess she’s made with her best friend and secret crush Daniel.

But at her new school, life gets complicated fast.

She meets glamorous Alexa and her pink-badged girl gang, on a mission to ‘support women’, and outcast Jack, who the girls say has been stalking fellow student Loz.

But Loz has a different story, one that changes everything.

Sadie’s torn. She wants to be popular. She wants to keep Loz’s secret. She wants to fix everything. But she’ll have to make choices. And the wrong ones could throw her perfect new life into complete chaos.

Sadie Starr’s Guide to Starting Over is an engaging, funny-serious look at the downsides of aiming too high, the dangers of black and white thinking and the journey to realising that imperfections are just part of being human.

Sadie Starr’s Guide to Starting Over was shortlisted for the Text Prize, awarded an Australian Society of Authors Award Mentorship and an ACT Writers Centre HARDCOPY fellowship.

Out August 2022 with Text Publishing.

"A wonderful exploration of fledgling feminism, diametrically opposed ideologies, and the complexities involved in filtering a kaleidoscope of messaging. Swings the pendulum high and low, then aims it squarely at your heart. Sadie Starr is a collision of sass and vulnerability, assuredness and confusion, burning and imploding beliefs, and a convincing portrait of all the shades of grey between. Perfectly highlights the pitfalls of perfectionism. Charming, honest, and so very now." - Allayne Webster

“The novel really highlights the crazy thoughts and emotions experienced during teen years. You get to truly understand Sadie and go through everything with her.” – Peri, teen reader

“I absolutely loved every second of this book and I dreaded dinner time when I’d have to leave the book to go eat!” - Mila, teen reader

“I never knew how much I would relate to this book! I really understand how Sadie feels.” – Hayley, teen reader