Writer Catherine Drinker Bowen once said, 'For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that (s)he has come upon the right word.' 

But what if you're not a born writer? You still need the right words to promote your business. This is where I come in. I'll learn the voice of your brand, get to know your hopes and dreams as if they were my own, and make sure your copy shines for your consumer. Let me find the right words for you for...

...the web: From revamping and adding personality to your 'about' page to creating shareable blog posts, writing for the web is about capturing people's attention and keeping it there. I can speak your brand's language and tell the unique and intriguing story that will keep your customers clicking again and again. 

...sales and marketing: Need the perfect description for your product or a killer email newsletter to connect with current and future customers? I can help. 

...social media: Connecting with your customers on social media needs an in-depth knowledge of branding and voice - as well as impeccable timing. I can write posts sure to gain you new followers or style the story of your promotion or giveaway. 

...the media: Nothing beats an experienced journalist's touch when it comes to writing copy to catch the media's attention. I can write a snappy business profile or press release for your company or simply edit the content you already have to make sure it connects with busy editors.