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Published on 25th January 2018

PB Financial Solutions

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Geelong based businesses PB Financial Solutions and Britton Financial Planning have merged to create a company with more than 50 years financial planning experience.

Burke Britton Financial Partners is the new name for the large team of professional financial advisers and support staff based in Geelong West.

Britton Financial Planning has provided advice on retirement, financial, investment and estate planning to small businesses for 40 years. PB Financial Solutions has been a successful business in Geelong since 2001, and was honoured for professional excellence by AMP in 2008.

The two companies have merged with the aim of bringing a wider range of expertise and more comprehensive service to their impressive client base.

Director of Burke Britton Financial Partners, Peter Burke, said the merge, which took place earlier this month, was great news for both company’s clients.

“Both businesses gain the brand, reputation, expertise and experience of the other and our clients will greatly benefit from this,” he said. “We will draw on this extensive experience to tailor advice on the individual needs of our clients.”

Mr Burke said that Burke Britton prides itself on being ‘clientcentric’.

“Our motivations are based around the best outcomes for our clients,” he said. “To get the best results, we are constantly educating ourselves, improving our skills and furthering our knowledge.”

Burke Britton Financial Partners is licensed by AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading and most well respected wealth management companies. This provides their clients with protection, comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are compliant with regulations and are being held accountable for the advice they give.

Mr Burke is confident that the merge has created a business that people can have complete confidence in.

“The credibility, integrity and familiarity associated with the two companies means that merging them has created an even stronger business,” he said.

One of the many areas that Burke Britton specialises in is retirement planning. They offer a number tools and strategies that ensure retirees get the most out of their money.

“Where possible we make sure that retirees pay no tax, receive any Centrelink aged pension benefits and make the best possible use of their income,” Mr Burke said.

“Self managed or family super funds, which are also one of our specialties, are a fantastic way to achieve these things as well as giving the client greater control over their money,” he said.

Burke Britton Financial Partners will continue to recruit the best planners and administrative support for their existing clients and look forward to a bright future.