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Dan Bilzerian is an Instagram sensation for all the wrong reasons

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According to a Buzzfeed article that has now been viewed over 2.4 million times Dan Bilzerian is the most interesting man on Instagram.

Describing himself as an ‘actor, astronaut and asshole’ in his profile the ex-Navy SEAL is a millionaire thanks to the spoils of a successful gambling habit and his lifestyle of excess has found an audience with 620,000+ Instagram followers.

His posts (dominated by bare-chested pictures of both himself and a multitude of models) garner over 25,000 likes per picture.

So what is it, beyond naked photos (and, let’s be honest, you can find them anywhere online) that make this dude ‘interesting?’ A scroll though his feed reveals a couple of photographic themes:

First: women, covering their nipples, often with firearms drape themselves over a smiling Bilzerian on a private plane/in a spa/over some gym equipment. There are endless sports cars, one (a Ferrari) proudly crashed (“let’s see how fast it goes”), another donning the number plate ‘SUCK IT’. There are piles of cash and poker chips, helicopters, private jets and exotic animals. He poses topless, swims in infinity pools, competes in macho-activities like paintballing, buys luxury watches and illustrates his platitude with photos of his cat Smushball — who has an Instagram account of her own - teamed with innuendos about 'pussy'.

Popular? Clearly. Envied? Unfortunately. Interesting? That’s debatable.

In fact, Dan Bilzerian’s whole life reads like an outdated, overworked Hollywood movie — the kind you get up and walk right out of or face wondering how to get those two hours of your life back.

The 33-year-old gun-collecting, womanising, LA multimillionaire made his money playing poker after university and has since gambled, exploited, slept and posted his way into his other title, “Instagram’s playboy king.”

His lavish lifestyle has afforded him three heart attacks that, despite medical advice, haven’t stopped him from appearing as a stuntman in B-grade action films and betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on himself in over-the-top car races. He has also co-founded an online poker room.

Bilzerian’s Internet popularity has come mostly in the past few months with increasingly risqué posts including some “super hot chicks in Cabo naked in the pool” which he mournfully explains had to be deleted.

Bilzerian has little of note to say on his Instagram feed. The monotonous barrage of guns, girls and gearsticks is generally only accompanied by gems like, “you won’t get rich betting like a bitch” and hashtags #needavacationfrombeingonvacation and #goatsandhoes.

Granted that finding something interesting is subjective. Some people are into model trains. It is hard to imagine anyone other than teenage boys taking this guy seriously though. Perhaps his followers are in it for the laughs (at rather than with him.) The pictures really do speak for themselves.

According to his PR posse Bilzerian has a soft-side and despite a complete lack of evidence ‘is trying to move away from the playboy lifestyle.’

Late last year he set up The Robin Hood Project to relinquish some of his cash to the needy… But only $10,000 at a time — the maximum you can give before you’re taxed in America, he explains.

Dan Bilzerian is definitely one of the most-talked about men on Instagram. Is he the most interesting? As it turns out, I think the best word to describe his online presence and persona come directly from the words of his very own bio: asshole.

It’s safe to say I didn’t hit follow.